We are a Business Growth Acceleration Firm that helps small business owners, independent agents and sales professionals increase their Sales Productivity much faster than if they did it on their own.  With over two decades of experience working with businesses in North America, Canada, the UK and South Africa, we help business owners and their sales teams improve their productivity while reaching their business goals.

What You Do

I have my own business, I'm a Solopreneur.

You’ve turned your dream into a reality, and now that you’ve done it, you want your business to grow in the quickest way possible without having to experience the ups and downs that other struggling entrepreneurs face. You want to get more leads, close more deals and make more money consistently, every month. We will help you achieve this through our specialized sales coaching or broaden your perspective with our sales coaching books like Business Is Booming.

What You Need?

To get more Clients and make money more consistently every month.
I own an established business and manage my sales team.

You’ve successfully grown your business and have a sales team to close the deals. You want to grow your revenues and profitability within the next 12 months, and so rather than work harder, you want to implement systems and processes to improve your sales team’s productivity to achieve these big goals.

What You Need?

To Strengthen my company and have a high performing "A" sales team.

I'm the CEO of a Business, and I drive my team forward.

You are a CEO or business leader of a multi-million dollar business and you are on the hook to increase shareholder value and need to grow your company at an accelerated rate, while having to deal with increased competition and higher customer demands. You want to position your business to attract investors to grow, and eventually, when you’re ready, sell.

What You Need?

To Systemize  my business to attract investors so it can grow and sell.

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Who Am I?

I know what it takes to cultivate authentic client connections that result in tremendous business growth potential, having served throughout North America, Europe and Africa. In 2003, I founded a research and advisory firm to mentor and advise business executives and entrepreneurs on how to increase revenue. In 2006 I was invited to join United Nations Development Program as a Marketing Consultant on Energy development project in Zambia.

As a certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer and Speaker, I deliver value to organizations in Leadership and Sales Performance Excellence and has authored "Business is Booming: 7 Powerful Keys to Unlocking Trust & Growing Your Business."

Through a passion driven by integrity, I look forward to working with you.

Are You Ready to Say...

"Business is Booming!"

"Business is Booming!"

Year After Year?

Why is it that some business people are just not getting enough clients or not getting repeat business?

Why is it that their existing customers are not referring business their way, or that prospective clients don’t return calls or emails?

And why is it that even though they’re meeting people they’re still not getting business?

It's not because of what you're doing, you might be doing all the right things, but if you're still struggling, it's most likely because of what you're saying. There is a lack of connection. There is not enough trust in those business relationships and because of that their business is just not growing as fast as it should be. BUSINESS IS BOOMING: 7 Powerful Keys To Unlocking Trust & Growing Your Business reveals powerful keys that will allow you to finally break through the barrier between you and your client and help you to gain the most important element needed for a long and successful business relationship – their trust.

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