About Me

When I started out in the workplace I thought I wanted to own a recruitment company to help others find jobs.  I soon realized I could only help less than 5% of the job seekers and became disillusioned, leaving the  industry, helpless.

I took a job to pay for my studies in business, sales and marketing, while my family were forced into entrepreneurship, thanks to “Affirmative Action” in South Africa, they couldn’t find work. They had their own businesses, but they were struggling, one day they were up and the next day they were down.  It was so hard to plan for a vacation as they didn’t know if they would have the money to go away and even if they did, they couldn’t afford not to be at their place of business, even for a day.  

I became a sales and marketing professional and learned to become good at what I do, while at the same time I became very curious about business.  I found myself asking questions like, ‘why are some businesses successful while others fail?’, ‘why is it that some businesses struggle to survive year after year, while others break through every barrier and become multi-million dollar companies?’ and why is it that some people just attracted success while others just couldn’t get it together?’.  

These questions haunted me for a long time until eventually I decided I was going to find out for myself. After my MBA I enrolled in a Doctoral program and undertook to research some of the most successful businesses and some of the struggling businesses.   I investigated the attitudes and behaviours of the company’s CEO or business owner.  What I found was astounding.  Those companies that were successful had a CEO that portrayed specific attitudes and behaviours that were alike, and those CEOs in companies that were struggling also portrayed the same attitudes and behaviours, yet those were very different from the CEOs in successful businesses.  

The research showed that certain attitudes and behaviours produced positive business results.  More specifically, what the CEOs from successful businesses did differently was this: they had certainty of purpose, they were determined and they knew exactly what to say and do, and as a result they got what they wanted.  They were fully prepared for every situation, and because of that they came across as being more confident, alluring, dynamic and charismatic.  There was nothing special about their backgrounds, some had a good childhood, others didn’t, some had a good education and others didn’t, yet they understood what it meant to be prepared, to master the art of communication, persuasion and to influence others to get what they really wanted.

That’s when I realized that I can create a model to replicate exactly what these successful CEOs have done so that I can do it too.  And I did.  I began to put into practice this model and the results were tremendous.  In the five years following that I brought in more than $63million in new sales for my company, achieving incredible results and breaking into new business areas that were previously unheard of.  I found the key, actually 7 keys to be precise, I  found out what it means to influence others to win new business and  get what you really want and I felt compelled to teach others what I had uncovered from my research and also from my own personal experience.  

Using those experiences combined with the models I had developed in my research, I created an entirely new and more effective model to gain trust and credibility and influence others to get more clients, win more business and make more money, more quickly.

This system is so powerful that it allowed me to help people who were out of jobs to start their own successful businesses,  to help those who were struggling in their businesses to get over that first mountain and get more clients quicker than they would have imagined increasing their profits, and help established business owners and their sales teams become more influential, allowing them to live the kind of lifestyle of their dreams, to have ultimate freedom!  

The one thing that my clients love about our systems is that it gets them noticed – that means they get a response, earn instant credibility, educate their ideal clients about their highest end products and services while gaining their trust throughout the process.  And they know that they can’t learn this kind at any business school or training program.

After spending more than $250,000 on education, tools and other resources for myself over the past 15 years and at the same time investing  into my own company in developing these proprietary systems, I have a developed a system that works!

The results that the Power & Influence Model provides my clients is tremendous.  I get to witness my clients break through the barrier between themselves and their clients and realize massive growth that they would have never dreamed possible for their business.

By entering your information below, not only will you receive the blueprint responsible for helping me to sell millions of dollars of products over the past 15 years, you will also receive my absolute best strategy for getting more high paying clients and generating new business created specifically for entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Get my same system for free.  If you use these exact processes, there is no reason why you wouldn’t get the much needed attention that you need to get more high paying clients and close more deals.

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The Trusted Advisor Model Blueprint is just the beginning of the complete system to getting more high paying clients, not wasting time and energy on low end clients.  Learn how to educate your ideal client so that they are calling you!  Over the next days and weeks I will be sending you more specific advice on how to use this system to get more high paying clients more quickly.

Why Would I Give Something Away so Valuable for Free?

That’s easy.  I am passionate about helping people to create the kind of lifestyle that they really want.  And I have chosen to give away incredible value first.  It’s how I work with my clients whether they are investing $10,000 or $50,000.

What you are about to experience for yourself is a system that actually works, and much faster than having to go to any business school or attend any other training program about how to build a successful business.

What you might not realize is that less than 1% of the world’s population really know how to influence others,  which means that if you can master what is learned with this system it can change your life and your business forever.  

And given the new realities of the market place today, you must know how to effectively communicate to influence and persuade, because if you don’t, and your competitors do, they will win the business from you.  Trying to build a business using traditional marketing approaches are just plain frustrating because it’s too slow and positions you at best where your competitors are.

In other words, you do all of this hard work, are overloaded and overwhelmed, and you still can’t stand out and be noticed in an already overcrowded marketplace.

So, that’s why I’m giving away this system.  I give away strategies and tools to help you to get noticed and get the attention to become a trusted advisor and make trust your competitive advantage.  Today, it’s all about relationships.  If you get the attention that you need from your clients and keep their attention on you, then you are in the best position to win and keep winning more business.

Isn’t it time you got it right, first time?  Anything else is too frustrating and painful.