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In this ground breaking book, you’ll discover the 7 Keys to Unlocking Trust and Growing Your Business.


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Why is it that some business people are just not getting enough clients or not getting repeat business? Why is it that their existing customers are not referring business their way, or that prospective clients don’t return calls or emails? And why is it that even though they’re meeting people they’re still not getting business? It’s because there is a lack of connection. There is not enough trust in those business relationships and because of that their business is just not growing as fast as it should be. BUSINESS IS BOOMING: 7 Powerful Keys To Unlocking Trust & Growing Your Business reveals powerful keys that will allow you to finally break through the barrier between you and your client and help you to gain the most important element needed for a long and successful business relationship – their trust.

Learn how…

You can finally get the attention that you need and get noticed by your ideal clients so that they are calling you. You will learn how to authentically connect with new clients and turn them into high paying, long-term fans and take your business to where you really want it to be, so that you can have the freedom to live the lifestyle of your dreams. You will see the power that trust has on your ability to influence the deal, and you will master a powerful system for multiplying your business like never before.

In these pages you will uncover…

“Why you’ve been getting the kind of responses you have this far and how to make fast improvements to get better results and make more money.”

Why you are struggling to get enough clients, referrals, and responses.

  • How you can create a way to know what your clients really need and want
    and turn it into business value.
  • How to know who your ideal clients are and market directly to them,
    dramatically saving you money on marketing and advertising.
  • How you can train yourself to be fully prepared for any business
    situation, anytime, anywhere.
  • A step-by-step approach to authentically connect with prospective
    clients and turn them into high-paying clients over the long term.
  • The most powerful sales system that can help you win business virtually
    every time.
  • Secrets to get the attention you need, so that even the toughest clients
    buy from you.
  • How you can attract more clients and more money into your business than
    ever before.
  • How you can avoid the common mistakes that most people make at two of
    the most critical points of the business relationship: when trying to
    initiate contact and when trying to get them to buy.

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  1. “BUSINESS IS BOOMING: 7 Powerful Keys to Unlocking Trust & Growing your Business is not just about finding new ways to get more business. It is about getting the attention that you need and connecting with your clients in a deep and meaningful way, so that they buy only from you. By mastering the systems that the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners have mastered and using them to change your approach with clients, you too will achieve astounding results. Read it if you want to finally break through the client/vendor barrier and become best friends with your clients, because caring really does sell. “ – Sindi Zilwa, Author of The ACE Model

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